Trading should be this simple

Yesterday I talked about a step by step formula to perform your daily forex technical analysis, and showed you some AUDNZD charts.

I concluded that the AUDNZD is trading in a bullish condition and we should be looking for long opportunities.

Once we have that information, everything becomes easier (and less stressful). Now the only thing you need to do is find a reason to go long.

Here are some good reasons:

AUDNZD Analysis

That’s it!

Just go long when whatever the entry system you are using gives you a signal to go long. Doesn’t really matter the system you use, it could be:

  • Moving averages crossovers
  • Combination of indicators such as RSI and CCI
  • Or even Fibonacci & Elliot Waves

What is important is to do your analysis, and take the signals in the same direction.

Easy enough?

Let me know your thoughts.

AUDNZD Analysis, entry signal

Raul Lopez

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