Dont trade the EURUSD, you’ll thank me


Look traders, there are times for everything in life…

Today (or for the next few days) its not the time to trade the EURUSD.

How do I know this?

I always try to find the currency pairs that have the cleared swings and the clearest levels, and I focus on them…

When you have clear S&R level and clear swings you know exactly what the market is likely to do, and that helps you find good trade opportunities.

And the main idea about trading is to trade when the odds are in your favor… if you always trade like this, sooner or later you’ll be ahead of the game… The probabilities will do their job!

So, when ever you trade, just make sure you are trading the right currency pairs!

Back to the EURUSD…

Right now, the EURUSD doesn’t have clear levels or clear swings, neither one… What happens when you trade stuff like that? Sooner or later the market moves against you…

Now, don’t get me wrong, if you trade it, you could win your trades, but the fact that it doesn’t have clear levels or clear swings, it makes it very difficult to determine what it is likely to do…

So what would you do… risk your capital in a currency pairs where you have absolutely no idea of what it is likely to or risk it in a currency pair where you’ve got clear S&R levels and clear swings (therefore you know what it is likely to happen)?

So please, dont trade the EURUSD… look for other opportunities. There are plenty of other currency pairs that are trading in a clearer condition, even XAUUSD…

Just to name a few:

XAUUSD – Bullish
EURAUD – Bullish
NZDJPY – Bearish
AUDJPY Bearish

And on all four of them, we still got plenty of room before we hit the next LT level, so there is time to plan your trade.

Your Turn

Are you currently trading the EURUSD? Long or short? What do you think about my views on the EURUSD?

What other currency pairs are you trading?

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