Gold is going up (a lot) and George Soros agrees with me

Did you have a chance to profit from my article on GBP crosses yesterday? I heard some of you did! But if you didnt, there is still room to take a few trades… comment below if you need help.

Today lets talk about Gold (XAUUSD), because there is a lot of evidence that it will move up, and very fast!

Now, you shouldn’t consider this article as a signal, so don’t trade it right now, remember you need to wait for the right moment! Wait for your signal and then boom!

So traders, you know gold is a commodity, and as every commodity, tends to go up over time. Why? Because there is a limited amount of gold available, there is no way to “create” it. So as times go by, gold resources go down, which makes its price move up.

Also, the greatest Forex trader ever George Soros seems to agree with this… here are just a few articles about it:

The Street
The Wall Street Journal

Still not convinced?

The most important reason of them all! That’s what charts are telling us!


As you can see, just broke through an important resistance level, we still need to wait a little bit to confirm that breakout though, but in the following days, it might be a very good buy!

Do you agree with me?

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