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Do you know what Alan Greenspan thinks about currency forecasts?

Have you ever wondered if currency forecasts really work? If you are basing your trading on forecasts, are they feasible? Should I trade base only on currency forecasts or should I add other types of analysis? There are the questions that I try to answer in this article.

You already know who Alan Greenspan is right? Just in case you don’t, he was the President of the Federal Reserve (US Central Bank) from 1987 to 2006, almost 20 years! So this guy knows what he is talking about.

Four or five years ago we wrote the book “The Age of Turbulence”, where you can see how good he is when it comes to forecasting (he is probably the best one in the world).

He shares a story about his early days as a forecaster: once, the government asked him to do a forecast for the demand of steel by the military industry, of course, they wouldn’t give him any information about it, it was classified information.

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