Hello Trader, how is your trading week so far?

For me, its been difficult to find trade opportunities… mostly because of the fundamental announcements…

Last week we had the NFP report and the FOMC statement, this week was the interest rate announcement from the ECB and BoE plus the RBA… And if you add a few unemployment reports you’ve got a fundamentally driven week…

Well… guess what? In the next two weeks there arent many important fundamental announcements, so the market should give us plenty of opportunities (I hope so…)

Anyway… Last week I talked about the CADCHF and my trading plan for it…

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This is my trading plan for the CADCHF

Non farm Payrolls report

I dont think I’ve seen the market as slow as it has been trading this week in a while… What are your thoughts about this?

So my question to you is this one: What currency pairs are you trading/monitoring?

Now, do you think that the fundamental announcements have something to do with it?

Tomorrow we’ve got the FOMC minutes (which has proved to be the most important fundamental announcements, or at least the ones that has the most impact in the market) and the Advanced GDP.

Then later this week, on friday we’ve for the Non-farm payrolls report…

So yes, I have a feeling that that’s the reason the market has been so slow… 3 of the most important announcements in the same week…

What do you think?

Ok, now to the CADCHF Analysis

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How to trade the CADCHF

Non farm Payrolls report

Hey traders, how did you do with non-farm payrolls report?

Did it impact any of your trades?

Do you agree with me that the NFP doesn’t have the impact it used to have a few years ago?

I remember those days when the market moved 100 or 150 pips a few minutes after the NFP report… The straddle strategy was the way to go there.

But those days are gone now…

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CADCHF long signal

buy sell forex

How is everything traders??? Are you ready for the NFP report later this week?

I know you already know about the risks of trading during the NFP, which is today the second most important fundamental announcement (second to the FOMC Minutes).

The sentiment of the market could change in just a few seconds, so please, be careful alright?

Now, it’s not that the market will move hundreds of pips in a few minutes (like it used to move), these days it just whipsaws and thats it…

So please don’t try to trade it…

Focus on real opportunities, try to understand what the market is doing what it is likely to do, and once you have that information, trade it…

Only then the odds will be in your favor. Ok?

Ok, lets get to today’s signal!

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Long signal

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A few days back I wrote about the CADCHF, I thought that it was a currency pair worth monitoring and it was probably a good idea to look for long opportunities.

Why I thought that?

Back then, it broke through an important resistance level, and its next LT resistance level is way up (more than 250 pips away from where it is currently trading).

Plus, it’s got clear S&R leves and clear swings.

So we’ve got the formula of a high probability trade.

The thing is this, in order to get to the point where you know what the market is likely to do, you need to do your long term analysis (which is why we arrive to that conclusion), ok.. check, we already did that…

But in order to get in the market, we need to analyze the short term charts, and we need to adapt to the market conditions and find a good entry.

And that’s what we are going to do with the CADCHF.

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I’m currently looking for signals in these currency pairs

Hey traders, hope everything is great with your trading, life, etc…

Yesterday was a very complicated day for me, and this time not because of the market, but because I was very very very tired…

I ran a marathon (42 kms or 26.2 miles) on sunday. And oh boy, what an experience.

When I was at the 35th km, I was thinking to myself, why am I doing this? At this point in the race, every step is painful, its cold outside, etc.

But when I crossed the line, everything made sense, the satisfaction you feel at that moment is like nothing else, it would be like winning the most difficult trade ever…

I’ll show you a picture of me crossing the line on my next article…

Anyway, lets get to the market…

Forex Analysis

As you already know, every good trade starts with good analysis. It doesn’t matter what system you use, what timeframes you trade, the tools you use, etc.


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