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Live Trading Video Jan 14 2016

Hey traders, some of my students have a very specific goal in 2016: Trade Full time…

See how they are doing in this video plus a few signals and trade opportunities for the rest of the week:

Please comment if you have any question.

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Video: Risk, trade and capital management

Having an objective and sound system is very important to our success in the Forex market, but it isnt as important as other aspects of trading such as trade, capital and risk management. See why on this forex video.

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Today’s Recorded Webinar: Entry, SL and TP orders

Hello Everyone,

Thank you all for attending today’s webinar, we talked abouusing price action to determine the entry level, SL and TP orders… I got a few mails from other traders having probems to see yesterday’s webinar, we switched the format of the video, eveyone should be able to see them. Here are the links:

Todays Webinar: Entry, SL and TP based on price action

Yesterday’s Webinar: Price Action

Have fun!

Raul Lopez

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