This is how I made 687 pips this week, trading breakouts on the GBPNZD (complete strategy)

I’m a firm believer that 90% of your trades depend on your previous analysis and only 10% on your actual entry.

You can have the best entry system in the world, but if you take your trade in the wrong direction, or trade the wrong instrument, then you are doomed!

In fact, I think it doesn’t really matter what entry system you use, as long as you are trading the right instruments.

So here is how I got those 687 pips…

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buy sell forex

The best 2 Currency pairs to trade right now…

Traders, hope everything is going well on your end…

I believe that the best piece of advice a trader could get is this:

Stop trading just for the sake of trading.

You need to trade the ones that have the most profit potential, the ones that have the clearest swings, the ones where you can easily identify support & resistance levels, those are the trades that are really worth it.

Those are the type of trades that makes the difference between a trader that is still struggling to get results and a trader that is on its way to consistency.

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I lied to you

Misconceptions in Forex

Hey Traders, how is it going?

How did you do yesterday?

Finally the markets started to move this summer, just when I was thinking about taking a week off… And I’m glad I didnt…

Anyway, I have a confession to make…

Two weeks ago I wrote about what I thought was the easiest trade ever… I took 140 pips on a EURNZD trade.

Or maybe at that time it was the easiest trade ever…

But take a look at this other trade…


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More trade opportunities on the GBP crosses


How is your trading so far this week trader? What currency pairs are you trading?

You might think that one of my favorite currencies to trade is the GBP…

But that’s not correct…

I dont have “favorite” currency pairs, or at least not in the way you might be thinking…

My favorite currency pairs are those that have the clearest market conditions, the ones that have clear swings, clear S&R levels, those are the ones I like to trade every day.

So its an endless search for the pairs that have the clearest conditions, this is the only way I can guarantee that I will be trading with the odds on my favor.

And at the end, that’s what really matter, to go long when the market is more likely to move up, to go short when the market is more likely to continue its way down, and forget about trading it when you have no idea of what the market is likely to do.

Do that, over and over again, and you’ll get good results…

There is no secret trader, its all about being in the right side.

Ok, lets look at some of the GBP crosses now.

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Warren Buffet does exactly what I try to do every day (+ signals)

There is one famous quote from Warren Buffet… (You know who is Warren Buffet right? He is one of the greatest all time investors).

When you get a chance, read about him, his methods, etc.

Anyway, back to the quote…

“Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing”

Remember that quote?

Well let me tell you, it makes a lot of sense…

EURNZD, GBPNZD, USDCHF, warren buffet

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Signal in the fastest moving currency pair

Brokers to Avoid

Hey traders, whats going on? How is your trading so far this week?

Mine has been slow… not a lot of trades… just a few short term trades here and there, but most currency pairs have been trading in a very very very very tight range…

And if you are the type of trader that only trade one or two currency pair… I guess you had a long weekend???

Or if you only trade the EURUSD? It has been painfully slow these last few weeks hasn’t it???

That’s one of the reason I always recommend instead of trading one currency pair, to analyze a few of them, and focus on the ones that have the clearest market conditions…

It makes more sense to me.

Anyway… Here is a good trade possibility.

forex, GBPNZD, signal

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Here is how to get 900 pips in the following days

Pareto in trading

How is your trading going lately?

You know what is what I like most about the Forex market?


There are plenty of currency pairs and most of the time, you’ll find a few good opportunities.

And if you have been following me for a while, you know that the key to get good results on any market is how you choose the instruments to trade.

You could be using the best entry system in the world, but you are trading the wrong currency pairs, the market will move against you.

On the other hand, if you have an average entry system, if you are trading the right currency pairs, sooner or later, the market will move on your favor.

That’s the reason I think you should spend at least 80% of your time analyzing and choosing the best currency pairs to trade and only 20% actually looking for your signals.

Remember that: 80% analyzing, and 20% actually trading.


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Do you trade the GBPNZD? You should, here is a signal

Hey trader, as I said yesterday, there aren’t many opportunities available, most currency pairs are ranging in tight not well defined ranges…

But when se a good opportunity, we need to take advantage of it… right?

Again, how do I define a good opportunity?

When I get all these:

  • Clear S&R levels
  • Clear swings
  • Good profit potential

And that’s exactly what we’ve got in the GBPNZD… here are the details:

forex, GBPNZD, signal

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