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Still trading the Non-farm payrolls report? Here is a better strategy…

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Hey traders, hope everything is going we’ll…

I know, its been a while since the last time I wrote an article in my blog… I really appreciate the emails that some of you have sent…

I’m still trading and will be trading for the long haul… I intend to post more often in the coming weeks, with more analysis, recommendations, etc.

So please bear with me alright?

Dont tell me you are still trading the NFP report?

Non farm Payrolls report

Earlier today, one of the most important fundamental announcements was released: The Non-farm Payrolls report.

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Here is how to trade the Non-farm Payrolls report (NFP)

Non farm Payrolls report

Hey trader!

Are you planning to trade the NFP tomorrow?

Well, you are at the right article… because I’m going to show you exactly what you need to do with your trading during the NFP report…

If you intend to trade the NFP for a quick gain

This is also true for any other fundamental release… If you keep trying to get a quick gain here and there during any fundamental release… your trading career will end pretty soon.

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How to trade the CADCHF

Non farm Payrolls report

Hey traders, how did you do with non-farm payrolls report?

Did it impact any of your trades?

Do you agree with me that the NFP doesn’t have the impact it used to have a few years ago?

I remember those days when the market moved 100 or 150 pips a few minutes after the NFP report… The straddle strategy was the way to go there.

But those days are gone now…

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NFP Announcement

The NFP release cameo out better than expected: 150K vs. 63K. The impact to the market wasn’t that wild though, as I said in a previous post, everyone was expecting a better number, the impact would have been larger if the number was worse than expected.

Its good though that the market didn’t take much impact because the market conditions on most currency pairs haven changed, what was bullish, they are still bullish, and the same goes for bearish currency pairs.

There are a few currency pairs that I really like, cant wait for next Monday to start trading them.

Trade Safe!

Raul Lopez
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Busy end of the week

We got plenty of fundamental announcements for what is left in the week:

Thursday: Interest rate announcements for the Euro and GBP
Friday: Unemployment reports for the USD and CAD

And if it wasn’t enough:

All G7 meeting Friday and Saturday

Its going to be difficult to open a trade tomorrow, I’ll have to close it before the NFP announcement… so I guess I’ll only be watching…

Be careful with these announcements! Don’t put at risk what you have earned following your system.

Trade Safe!
Raul Lopez

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Looooong Weekend

I like the first Friday of every month, not because how the market reacts to the Non-Farm Payrolls announcement, but because I take the day off (Actually, I did write this post yesterday and scheduled for today).

It’s very difficult to trade the most important announcements, the market goes crazy making wild swings, and most of the time the market ends up where it all started. I think this is the kind of risks that traders should avoid, we just can’t afford it. Picture this scenario, you been trading all month long, following your strategy but somehow you decide to trade the NFP announcement, and all you’ve made during the previous month vanishes. I just don’t like the idea.

Even if we knew the actual figure, it would still be difficult, because sometimes the market moves against the fundamentals, good data, and the market goes down, bad data and the market goes up, very bad figure and the market stalls, etc.

This is why I take the first Friday of each month off. What do you think? Is it worth it?

See you next Monday! Have a nice Weekend.
Raul Lopez

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