I lied to you

Misconceptions in Forex

Hey Traders, how is it going?

How did you do yesterday?

Finally the markets started to move this summer, just when I was thinking about taking a week off… And I’m glad I didnt…

Anyway, I have a confession to make…

Two weeks ago I wrote about what I thought was the easiest trade ever… I took 140 pips on a EURNZD trade.

Or maybe at that time it was the easiest trade ever…

But take a look at this other trade…


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Signal in a currency pair with a great pip potential

Pareto in trading

As you already know, one of our main jobs as traders is to scan the markets and try to find the instruments that have two things:

Clear S&R levels, this way we know what the market is doing and most important, what it is likely to do, and
Good profit potential, well, this one is self explanatory.

If you keep trading those instruments, you’ll get results.

Of course, sometimes the market will move against you, but it doesn’t matter, because above all, you’ll be focusing in your trading as a whole, a group of trades, not individual trades.

So you only need to make sure to win more when the market goes on your favor… and that’s it!

Forget about the accuracy of the system.

Most profesional traders will tell you that 80% of their profits, come from 20% of their trades.

That’s true!

Do you agree with me?

Here is the signal.

breakout, forex, signal, USDCAD

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technical indicators

600 pips and counting (why I took this trade) plus one more signal

Today I want to talk about something very important, something that we have to deal with as profesional traders.

I think that most of us have one goal in common: get consistent results.

Getting there is one of the hardest things to do… and you know why?

Because even when you are doing everything right, the market could still move against you. That’s something that very few traders get to understand.

Lets put this into perspective.


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Here is how to get 900 pips in the following days

Pareto in trading

How is your trading going lately?

You know what is what I like most about the Forex market?


There are plenty of currency pairs and most of the time, you’ll find a few good opportunities.

And if you have been following me for a while, you know that the key to get good results on any market is how you choose the instruments to trade.

You could be using the best entry system in the world, but you are trading the wrong currency pairs, the market will move against you.

On the other hand, if you have an average entry system, if you are trading the right currency pairs, sooner or later, the market will move on your favor.

That’s the reason I think you should spend at least 80% of your time analyzing and choosing the best currency pairs to trade and only 20% actually looking for your signals.

Remember that: 80% analyzing, and 20% actually trading.


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A few of the clearest currency pairs to trade today

You already know about the importance to choose the right currency pairs to trade each day.

Look, even if you have the best system in the world, if you choose the wrong currency to trade you wont get too far.

On the other hand, if you are using an average system, but you trade the right currency pairs each day, you’ll be fine in the long run.

What’s your take about this?

How do you choose which currency pairs to trade each day?

Now, these are a few of the currency pairs that I believe are trading in a very clear market condition.

GBPUSD Analysis

The GBPUSD is trading in a very clear bearish condition, let me show you why I think its bearish:


analysis, AUDJPY, forex, GBPUSD, USDCAD

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Here is how I’m going to trade the USDCAD

canadian dollar

Hey trader, how did you do last week with the FOMC Statement and the NFP report?

And you thought everything was over? I dont think so…

Later this week we’ve got a few important announcements we need to be careful about:

  • NZD Unemployment rate
  • AUD Unemployment rate
  • GBP Interest rate
  • EUR Interest rate
  • JPY Monetary policy statement

Among others…

This is why you should take in consideration the fundamental releases in your trading strategy…

How do you deal with them?

Anyways… This is how I’m going to trade the USDCAD

forex, signal, USDCAD

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Analysis and how to deal with NFP

Understanding the market

Hey traders, how is your trading going so far?

As most of you already know, tomorrow we’ve got the most important announcement of them all: The non-farm payrolls report.

And let me ask you one question: How do you deal with it? Do you still try to take advantage of it?

Those days, where the market moved 200 pips in one direction in just a few minutes are long gone.

Now it’s different. The market moves up, and down, and then again up… and most of the time it ends up where it all started.

Traders that used to place two orders (a buy above the market and a sell below the market) end up with two opened trades, a buy and a sell, and both of them in a loss.

So this is no longer a feasible strategy. Sorry.

But still, we need to learn to live with the NFP announcement and other important ones as: interest rates, GDP, trade balance, and others.

Here is how I deal with important fundamental announcements

Over the years I’ve seen that most of the time, the market takes these announcements as an excuse to move in the direction of the market condition.


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Here is what I’m going to trade today

forex analysis

This is my second delivery, please let me know what you think.

Disclaimer: There are just the pairs I’m going to trade (or looking for trades), this should not be taken as trade recommendations. If you doth agree with this, please stop reading and close this window.

Important fundamental announcements

First of all, I’d like to remind you that we’ve got plenty of important fundamental announcements later this week:


NZD Unemployment report


GBP Interest rate
EUR Interest rate


USD Non-farm payrolls report
CAD Unemployment report

Of course there are more than these, but these are the ones I consider have the potential to move the market.

Ok, now lets get to some charts


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