It’s about time to start looking for trades in Gold (XAUUSD)


How is everything traders?

Did you take advantage of my article yesterday about GBPCAD new signals? Please let me know.

You know something, we shouldn’t mind about the instruments we are trading…

There are only three things that we should consider when adding new instruments to your list:

  • It should have a lot of volume
  • It should have a clear market condition
  • And a good profit potential

And you are good to go!

Just don’t adventure and trade exotic currency pairs or instruments alright? Make sure you are trading high volume instruments.

I think we need to keep adding instruments, you just need to make sure you get to know them before you actually taking those trades.

What kind of instruments should we consider adding:

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About time to trade gold (XAUUSD)


Hey trader, hope everything is going well on your end…

What do you think about the market so far this week?

From the way I see it, its been difficult to find good opportunities. Most currency pairs have been trading in a very tight range, not well defined, etc.

We’ve got to be patient though, I’ve learned through experience that, our job as traders is not to be in the market every day, but to be in the market when the odds are on our favor.

Even when sometimes that means to be in the sidelines for a few days (or even weeks).

That’s the reason we need to make the most when the market has clear conditions:

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