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This is how I traded the EURUSD and got 140+ pips (complete strategy)

It all comes to the reasons why to take your trades…

It needs to be a sound reason, you need to have a methodology so you can determine what risks to take and which ones to avoid…

You cant take a trade because:

  • You simply thought the market was going up
  • You followed some one else’s advice
  • You got influenced by a market analyst
  • You saw the oil price moving up, etc

The idea is to get in a trade when the odds are on your favor, when the likelihood of the market of moving in one direction over the other is greater, when you’ve got a either, a very good profit potential or a good accuracy factor…

You see what I’m getting at?

So here is the reason why I decided to trade the EURUSD…

breakout, EURUSD, strategy

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This is how I made 687 pips this week, trading breakouts on the GBPNZD (complete strategy)

I’m a firm believer that 90% of your trades depend on your previous analysis and only 10% on your actual entry.

You can have the best entry system in the world, but if you take your trade in the wrong direction, or trade the wrong instrument, then you are doomed!

In fact, I think it doesn’t really matter what entry system you use, as long as you are trading the right instruments.

So here is how I got those 687 pips…

breakout, false breakouts, GBPNZD

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Slow market? This is exactly how you need to trade it

In the last couple of days the market has been very very slow. If you try to find trend trades you are going to get burned…

The thing is, as always, you need to adapt to the market conditions.

The key is to find currency pairs (or any other instrument) with a clear range. Once you find it, pay special attention to the the market reacts at both extremes of the range.

Adapt, market condition, range

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USD bullish?

Forex Analysis

What are your thoughts about the USD? Are you bullish or bearish? Or you just don’t do this kind of analysis?

Look, I always try not to make any pre-judgement and to trade based on what each instruments is telling me.

But sometimes you can use other information (like this one) to help you make batter decisions.

Let me show you this chart and and I’ll get to my point…

US Index, USD

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